2021-06 - Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information (CVE-2021-31817)

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Octopus Server

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Customers who have downloaded and installed any of the Octopus Server versions listed below (“Details”) are affected.

Please upgrade your Octopus Server immediately to fix this vulnerability.

Customers who have upgraded Octopus Server to version 2021.1.7316 or higher are not affected.


Octopus Deploy has given this vulnerability a Medium rating. This rating was given according to the Octopus Deploy security levels, which ranks vulnerabilities as critical, high, medium, or low severity.

This is our assessment and you should evaluate its applicability to your own environment.


When configuring Octopus Server if it is configured with an external SQL database, on initial configuration the database password is written to the OctopusServer.txt log file in plaintext.

The versions of Octopus Server affected by this vulnerability are:

  • All 2020.6.x versions before 2020.6.5146

  • All 2021.1.x versions before 2021.1.7316


To address this vulnerability, we have released Octopus Server version:

  • 2020.6.5146

  • 2021.1.7316

The latest versions of Octopus Deploy in a container can be pulled from

What You Need to Do

Octopus Deploy recommends that you upgrade to the latest version (2021.1.7316). You can pull the latest version of Octopus Server in a container from

If you can’t upgrade to the latest version (2021.1.7316):

If you have feature version…

…then upgrade to this version


2020.6.5146 or greater


2020.1.7316 or greater


If you are unable to update your Octopus Server container you can effectively mitigate this vulnerability by deleting the Octopus Server log file post installation or reconfiguration of the Octopus Server. The log file is located in the following directory by default: /home/octopus/.octopus/OctopusServer/Server/Logs


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this advisory, please contact our support team (

Exploitation and Public Announcements

The Octopus Deploy security team is not aware of any public announcements or malicious use of the vulnerability that is described in this advisory.


This vulnerability was found by Octopus Deploy Engineering.

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